Twenty five years ago a few good friends decided to bring “Mas” to the streets of Kingston for all to enjoy. For years they had participated in Trinidad Carnival and longed to share this experience with the people of Jamaica.

Many thought they were crazy and some openly opposed their efforts. After months of working on costumes every night, planning and organizing, “The Oakridge Boys” presented the first Mas, “Paradise”, with over 300 revelers bursting onto the streets of Kingston, on that bright Sunday morning in 1989. There were fabulous costumes, loud pulsating music, beautiful people and, for the first time in Caribbean mas, an all- inclusive mobile bar accompanying the revelers. Carnival in Jamaica was born.

Throughout the many years of “making Mas”, mergers with new friends, many innovations and 2 world class Mas Camps, carnival in Jamaica has evolved into what we know today as “Bacchanal Jamaica”. The former groups, Oakridge, Revellers and Raiders all blended their unique offerings into this one dynamic celebration, showcasing the best entertainment package offered on the island. What, for some, was a crazy idea has become one of the most fun filled and best quality carnivals. At 25, Jamaica’s carnival has truly arrived.

To the many who helped and encouraged us along the way, we say “it has always been about you”. To those companies who have sponsored our efforts, we say a big thank you, as without your backing and faith, none of this would have been possible.

2013 represents the 25th anniversary of carnival on the streets of Kingston. Jamaica’s carnival is now a glorious reality, featuring a world class facility, top class entertainment and a unique vibration which has evolved into what is a truly Jamaican carnival experience.

So come celebrate Jamaica’s 25th carnival and enjoy all the fun filled “Bacchanal Jamaica” events which promise you to have “the time of your life”.